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Health on Wheels

Healthy choices from a food truck? Absolutely!

Also, CBD Infused Drinks! 

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CBD Infused Drinks

CBD infused pomegranate ginger tea is our house favorite! Ask for additional flavors, we can make them.

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Healthy Choices

Health on Wheels offers 80% vegan, all gluten-free, dairy-free, non-GMO foods and baked goods.  Try any of our specials from Korean BBQ pulled Jackfruit tacos, Falafel, Chana Masala over rice or our special Mermaid Smoothie bowls with blue spirulina and fruit.

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Health on Wheels

When planning my food truck, I wanted it to be unlike any other, to have healthy options and to serve people who had trouble finding good food to eat outside their homes. I wanted a truck GMO, gluten, dairy and nut free and to cater to vegans and vegetarians.
I opened my food truck, Health On Wheels, LLC, in July, 2021.

I started making gluten and dairy-free breads, cookies, cupcakes, cakes, brownies and other baked goods that I sold at various Farmers Markets in upstate NY around 2010. Before that I was making and selling regular breads, cookies, etc. for Farmers Markets. 
Customers started asking me if I had anything gluten-free, of which I had no idea. I started researching gluten-free online and didn’t find much at that time. 
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Bob’s Red Mill had a gluten-free flour, which I found to be gritty when baked, yuck. I bought a Wonder Mill and started grinding different grains, seeds, pulses and legumes to make a useable flour. I hit on a combination of Sorghum, Brown rice (from CA because it doesn’t contain arsenic), Amaranth, Teff along with potato starch, tapioca and xanthum gum.

I raised my 3 daughters cooking healthy food for them; I also made all their baby food. They never had preservatives, food coloring or high fructose corn syrup as children; they thought dessert was either cheese with fruits and nuts or plain yoghurt with fresh fruit.

I had a friend who was diabetic and took 3 shots of insulin a day for 15 years, until he met me. I made a deal with him, if he only ate what I made for him or ate only what was acceptable for him to eat when outside, he would be healthier. I created a yellow split pea flour that has a very low glycemic index and in 2 years he no longer needed insulin at all and he had lost 50 lbs. Proving you are what you eat!

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